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Ironische C frame der Steinel mobile heat Akku Heißluftpistole in einer Detailaufnahme


Innovative inventions in harmony with human needs. This desirable ideology is the guiding principle of Steinel products and is consistently demonstrated in their diverse range of hot air and adhesive tools. Ergonomic and CI-compliant design is an essential part of the success strategy.

The Challenge

The tools of the Steinel brand were to be given a new design, which would create a clear recognition of the Steinel brand in the wide range of customers from the tool, hot air and hot glue sectors, at the same time standing for maximum usability.

The Result

With the C-Frame, Eckstein Design has created a new archetype that is progressive yet familiar. It innovatively combines the usability of a tool with a high-quality appearance. Ergonomically, the Steinel C-Frame hot air tools are perfectly adapted to the user. In addition, the new cordless systems are handy, easy to handle and efficient. The balanced contrast of very controlled, geometric lines and the precise expression of power show the quality of the design.


Eckstein Design’s research and industrial design work has consistently unified the products of an entire family of tools for Steinel’s air and bonding divisions. The robust, functional design was strategically mapped across the complete tool set and its functions. The extreme durability, microprocessor-controlled blowers, optimal ergonomics and professional look are expressed in the detail work. Conclusion: the idea of combining visual balance, value and stability in the design strategy has been 100% successful.


Form follows function and usability. Therefore, the design started with a detailed examination of the products and their handling in practice. The weight distribution of the devices was designed in such a way that they fit in the hand perfectly. Intuitive design makes operation easy for every user, regardless of their experience with tools. The modern technology of these high-performance tools is conveyed both visually and haptically through a sensitively designed language of form and verified ergonomics.

"To sensitively design a powerful tool is a wonderful task."


New and uniquely integrated features make Steinel tools a real highlight: handy, light, robust and with a wide range of functions. Eckstein Design has consistently transferred the design language of the C-Frame to the entire product family so you can recognise the associated Steinel quality at a glance.

Corporate Industrial Design

Steinel is market leader in the field of professional hot air blowers and hot glue guns and is also sought after by hobby craftsmen. The professional and do-it-yourself lines differ mainly according to accents in the product language. Depending on the model, the professional line has dark grey bodies and black rubber coating. Orange serves as an accent colour for Steinel. It is also associated with warmth and was therefore transferred to the operating elements such as ON/OFF buttons, SET buttons, and slide buttons.

Design awards

HL Stick - reddot winner 2013

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