Industrial Design

This is how the perfect USP is created for your product and its market opportunity

Can you design a USP? Yes, and you should, purely out of entrepreneurial logic because no technical product has the market to itself.

To stand out against the competition, it needs a good image and, above all, something the others don’t have in order to be better in practice. Eckstein Design gives your products this outstanding quality. With a design that inspires at first sight and a usage concept that has been thought through down to the last detail. and a usage concept thought through down to the last detail, every user will recognise: this is perfectly made for me.

"You don't get a second chance at the first impression. We make sure it is as strong as possible."

Whether physical or digital, the first impression counts and often decides whether you buy or not. That’s why you need an experienced partner who can give your product maximum punch through real USPs. Eckstein Design is an established industrial design company that has been working with some of the world’s leading brands for more than two decades on a wide range of products from trade fair electronics to tools and lights to X-ray systems or operating tables. We advise on customer touchpoints, optimise industrial design and UX design and help you create style guides for your brand. Just browse through our references – you’ll see lots of exciting USPs and more.

"When industrial designs are to be particularly simple and clear, it's important to look at every little detail."

We take a human-centred approach to design and always consider how something feels and how intuitive it is to use. As a basic building block, VDI/VDID 2424 also serves as a technical guideline for the product, its usability and its positive effect on the user group. Usability engineering is a basic tool of our development process to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.