Strategy and innovation

Strategy needs creativity

"Strategic thinking is at the core of Eckstein Design's design expertise. We work with clients to explore and analyse the product and service interaction between company and customer, formulate new design strategies and create a coherent design identity."

What has been a successful business strategy in the past will no longer work tomorrow. The “common” tools and processes are also used by other companies in a similar form. Innovations – not only of a functional but also of a strategic nature – are what will drive your company forward and bring future growth. New technological approaches, fresh, unused ideas, more intelligent and creative services – everything the competition is not thinking of.

Stand out against the competition.

Eckstein Design paves your way to success with comprehensive strategic, formative and impulse-giving consulting expertise. Because we don’t just design products, we also design competitive positions. We think outside the box and, with you, develop exactly the right solutions that will score points in the markets: what exact role will the new product play in people’s lives? How will this product help them, do they want to keep it, can they maintain it and repair it if necessary? In short – will they love the product?

"We work on the perfect balance between business and customer values to create a sustainable, coherent design identity for their brand."

Our design strategy benefits from many design and psychology tools to identify your company’s identity, conduct user research, create mood boards, study competitions, research product architecture, find core meanings for the new product and use design tools.