UI/UX Design

Usability - a value that decisively shapes your product

"Our goal: In practice, there should be no user situation that we have not thought of when developing a product."

Whether digital or physical, first impressions count. Products that are really understood to be meaningful are those that solve a concrete problem of the user or several at once. When this succeeds, you enjoy User Experience Design at its best.

User Experience means that a user is surprised by a product as positively as possible through its user-friendliness, functionality and appearance. What counts is always the immediate experience of use, no matter in what industry: User Experience Design can, for example, ensure that a mechatronics engineer can do his/her job more efficiently with a new measuring device or a dentist finds that treatments can be carried out even more easily and precisely with a one-hand filling set.

Eckstein Design develops and designs user interfaces according to the human centred design process, which places the user at the centre of development, but also takes hardware-related ergonomic guidelines such as DIN ISO standards 9241 / 9242 and the appearance of your company into account. We advise you on touchpoints to the customer, optimise UI and UX design along common principles and guidelines and support you in the creation of style guides for your brand. We then put the result to the test with comprehensive UX tests. We also show you exactly what your customers expect – for example, with experience or product design prototypes and click dummies.

Through the sensible integration of usability and UX measures, the optimisation potential can be uncovered and exploited in almost all project phases - from the preceding analysis to conception to implementation and quality control.

Setting the scene for interfaces

Following the well thought-out UI concept, we work out the individual elements of your user interface down to the smallest detail – from icons to animations to sounds. We document the “look & feel” in UI guidelines. We test how user-friendly and attractive the designs are. We uncover what already works well and where improvements are still needed. With you, we optimise usability and design at an early stage and a low cost: the better the concept, the more efficient the implementation. In the finishing touches, we bring the quality and aesthetics of your brand to the surface. With great attention to detail, we give your product an individual face so that your corporate identity can also be experienced in the user interface design, always in a positive way. Individual usability is determined by a sensible structure of information architecture. This includes, among other things, the systematic subdivision of content, the definition of navigation paths and search options as well as the design and arrangement of the navigation elements themselves. All these factors form what the user directly experiences as quality of use, because:

"Usability is only good when a product can answer every question about its application itself."