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We shape progress

Design is our

“We shape visions with unique potential and products with innovative character. Start the future of your brand with us!”

Those who repeat themselves quickly become outdated. However, we believe in permanent innovation and we shape it. Every product we develop has taken the small and large steps crucial towards success in order to become a leader in its segment. Our name stands for courageous thinking and acting: Going where no one has gone before, developing products that have never been created before. Going where no one has gone before, developing products that have never been created before.
Eckstein Design is a specialised industrial design company. Manufacturers and their executives work with us to develop the best professional tools, medical devices, measuring systems, robotics, luminaires and much more, and to realise their visions. In doing so, they rely on our experience and creativity: in the more than 20 years of our existence, we have completed over 300 complex design and development projects. Our products are award-winning and in use all over the world.

"Curiosity is part of the human DNA. If we can see the horizon, we want to know what's beyond it."

When working with Eckstein Design, you will find that we never take the easiest route to the design result, but always rethink, develop further ideas and put them to the test until we have distilled the optimal solution with you – optimal for looking at, touching, using. Step by step, we awaken the full potential of your technology under design aspects. This is how we create products that fascinate with their design and functionality in equal measure – and offer the user a unique added value. Because the goals and motives of our customers are important to us. For our design crew, design is both a passion and a profession. All the more so when the opportunity arises to actively contribute to value creation through responsible concepts and at the same time implement ethical and moral principles in such a way that products embody lasting value on many levels: aesthetic value, but also resource and environmental value. Products that are not only functional but also credibly oriented towards people. Not just trendy but timeless and durable. Finding extraordinary – and practicable – answers to these challenges is what drives us together.

"We understand and love entrepreneurship because we are entrepreneurs ourselves."

With Eckstein Design you are choosing an active partner, a team that thinks entrepreneurially and acts proactively. That’s why we don’t just work off your requirements. Instead, we look for challenges beyond the purely creative. In short: we don’t just sell you design but also have the entire context in mind.

We design for the users of your product. This means that sometimes we have to put ourselves in their shoes. We believe this is in your best interest. We will help you make the best decisions, without overwhelming you with choices.

Can designers be consultants?

We are a design studio, not a consultancy with a standard portfolio – that’s a good thing because creativity and flexibility are highly sought-after commodities in business management. The best proof of this is that large German and international consultancies are currently entering design studios as partners or are even trying to take over the entire company.

There is a clear reason for this trend towards purchasing competencies: designers think differently to consultants. More freely. Further. Deeper. And above all, always off the beaten track. They are discoverers and developers. For them, it’s not just the annual report that counts, but different perspectives.

“Designers think the previously unthought-of.”

The designers at Eckstein Design are not only capable of consulting. They offer much more: shaping the futures of ambitious companies is an integrated service. In this way, they find the right answers to complex challenges:

+ Which products will be in demand in the foreseeable future that no one has thought of yet?
+ Which technologies do users want for more efficient and easier work processes?
+ With which offers and which identity will a brand survive among the global competition?

10 values: Our standards in the world of design

We are proud of our company’s achievements. Our goal is to be and remain one of the most innovative German design companies. We create new things with our partners from the industry and are guided by a demanding chain of values:

1. Innovation expertise:
We break new ground with our clients and orient ourselves to the zenith of technology: thinking outside the box with innovative design.
2. Ergonomics:
Ergonomic design sustainably improves the product experience and productivity for people.
3. Aesthetics:
The product is convincing in its appearance, meaningfulness and raison d’être and fulfils aesthetic functions.
4. Durability:
A high-quality implementation, designed to meet concrete demands, allows the product to become robust and resistant to external influences.
5. Environmental
We place cross-system demands on the product and packaging in terms of materiality, production, durability and recyclability.
6. Reduction to its essence:
The design process always focuses on the elements that really matter and that can be realised perfectly without compromising on quality. Less is often more.
7. Respect:
Our design brings all elements into a meaningful context and we leave nothing to chance. Good industrial design is a sign of respect towards the user.
8. Order:
The design of products and systems is only useful to us when they have a refined order. Renewing, adding and extending are integrated system aspects.
9. Human Centred:
We see the end user as our customer and his or her wishes as guiding principles for intuitive handling, comprehensibility and usability. People are at the centre of all our considerations.
10. Credibility:
Our design is made for people: the products are effective, they explain themselves and fulfil the quality their design promises.

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