A good design is good for sales. And for the future of the company.

We make your products unique with a good design that inspires at first glance and a usage concept that has been thought through down to the last detail, in which every user recognises: this is perfectly made for me.

Good design moves far beyond the boundaries of pure styling.

It makes the company’s attitude visible and tangible. It is developed in an agile, iterative design process. It is creative and courageous. It is designed by cross-functional teams. It is user-centred. It consistently considers sustainability. It creates a coherent, innovative synthesis of physical product, digital elements and services.
When does design deserve to be rated “good” or better? When it creates a convincing user experience. When it embodies exactly what makes up the character of the manufacturing company. And also if it is consistent, credible and unique. Products that meet these design criteria are demonstrably more successful in the market than those which follow the norm and therefore disappear into the masses. Investing in high-quality design is therefore an entrepreneurial decision that pays off.

"Today, design innovations are no longer created in a quiet chamber and presented to the customer ready to use, but are repeatedly tested, checked and, if necessary, adapted. This is the way to ensure the product not only works, but is perfect as a whole."

Design thinking and what it can achieve in practice

At EcksteinDesign, design is interdisciplinary. Creatives and developers work together on processes, products, user interfaces and services. This teamwork quickly reveals that design is far more than just good looks. It’s also about what you don’t see at first glance – processes, user experience and ways of working. Methodical intelligence and simulations are part of the craft of modern designers, as well as the method behind the trend word design thinking: developing a new idea that convinces users. This iterative approach lowers the risk of undesirable developments and is close to the market and customers. Processes and working methods are also constantly put to the test.

Giving progress a holistic foundation

If you want to design good products and technologies, you have to think holistically. No technical product has the market to itself. To stand out against the competition, it needs a good image and, above all, something the others don’t have in order to be better in practice. Eckstein Design gives your products this uniqueness. With a good design that inspires at first sight and a usage concept thought through down to the last detail, every user will recognise: this is perfectly made for me.

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