Lübbering Pedersen


The result of passion, experience, and technical know-how in golf.

Innovative golf club design by Eckstein Design for Lübbering Pedersen – Perfect symbiosis of function and aesthetics.

A golf putter combining elegance, precision, and user-friendliness was developed by Eckstein Design for Lübbering Pedersen. Unique performance and aesthetic appeal were offered through innovative weight adjustments and individually selectable colors.


A putter that perfectly combines mental focus and top-tier equipment. The challenge for Eckstein Design was to harmonize Lübbering Pedersen's extensive know-how and passion through design. Thegoal was to create a golf club that excel in both functionality and outstanding design – a "Perfect Groove."

The Challenge

A golf club consists of three main components: the clubhead, shaft, and grip. Our task at Eckstein Design was to develop a design strategy that unites elegance and precision across all types of clubs. Special attention was given to the grooves as a central design feature. Technical requirements played a crucial role in making Lübbering Pedersen’s putters an innovation in the golf market. Our industrial design also considers aspects of ergonomics and user-centered design. In our design strategy, we combine technological excellence with aesthetic sophistication to create products that are both functional and visually appealing. In our design strategy, we combine technological excellence with aesthetic sophistication to create products that are both functional and visually appealing. Our location in Munich allows us to leverage a broad network of design and technology experts.

"... As an entrepreneur and manufacturer of precision tools for the automotive and aerospace industries, I know: When visions meet excellent know-how and absolute passion, perfection results."

Achim Lübbering, Founder

The Result

In close collaboration with Lübbering Pedersen, we developed a series of putters with Blade, Hybrid, and Wallet shapes. These putters enable both beginners and passionate golfers to optimize the precise roll of the ball. The ability to adjust the weight by up to 60g with a side screw introduced new technical innovations. The design also offers special visual appeal with individually selectable colors without affecting gameplay. The Groovin’ Putter stands out for its exceptional adaptability: various clubhead and hosel options allow for a customized fit to the player’s individual playing style. Different alloys, colors, or engravings offer further customization options. Manufactured in Germany from premium materials, it guarantees optimal face control and precision. This versatility allows every golfer to tailor their putter precisely to their needs. With us, golfers receive not only a high-quality product but also the freedom to design their putter according to their preferences. Our consumer goods design expertise is reflected in every detail and underscores our competence in strategy and innovation, meeting the high technical standards set by Lübbering Pedersen in the golf market.

Design awards

reddot winner 2024

iF Design Award 2024

The putters from LÜBBERING PEDERSEN are an exclusive product, individually crafted for customers. A putter in harmony with the personal groove.

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