Corporate Design

We give your brand a strong personality

By understanding the true role of brands and products in people's lives, we have created meaningful innovations and helped brands grow and achieve commercial success.

What do your customers have in mind when they think of your brand – a puzzle or a clear, distinct picture? Do your products reflect what your brand stands for and are they part of a consistent overall strategy? All this are essential conditions for success in today’s markets. Eckstein Design helps you to fulfil them comprehensively and convincingly.

With an integrated consulting approach that covers a 360° perspective, we develop solutions for you along the entire value chain that create holistic and long-term added value. Form, product statement, utility value and quality thus shape the personality of your brand in a sustainable and unmistakable way.

"The brand world is increasingly using industrial design to underpin its identity. We strategically support brands to gain a clarity of purpose, position themselves in the market and differentiate themselves effectively."

At Eckstein Design, we are more than just analysts and designers. We help clients define strategies that secure their competitive advantage. Over many years, we have developed a deep expertise in refined products and devices, and design strategies. We have unique processes for creating ergonomic forms that feel comfortable and high quality in the hands of users. By understanding the true role of brands and products in people’s lives, we have created meaningful innovations that have enhanced the brand experience, moving the brand itself forward on the path to growth and commercial success.

What are the concrete benefits of Corporate Industrial Design with Eckstein Design?

+ It supports corporate growth
+ It opens up new market opportunities
+ It helps to open up and scale new segments
+ It facilitates the development and launch of innovations