User Interface for Heart-Lung Machines


The Qonos Flow Measurement System was developed for the non-invasive measurement of volume flows in flexible hose systems. Eckstein Design has designed the user interface for the presentation of flow measurement in medical and industrial applications, impressing with clear visualization.

The Challenge

To ensure the best possible result in technical fluidics, effective quality control plays a crucial role. For example, non-invasive flow measurement in blood vessels takes on the intraoperative control, documents the surgical outcome, or monitors key parameters in extracorporeal circulation systems. Simultaneous and clear visualization of these parameters was the challenge for the user interface.

The Result

Qonos Flow Measurement System seamlessly merges essential flow measurement technology for modern surgery with user-friendly operation. Intuitive navigation via a touchscreen allows users to make settings, input patient data, and complete measurements in a few steps. Simultaneous display of up to four diagrams facilitates intraoperative quality control and documentation of surgical/technical processes.

The Design

With a bright color scheme and a light font, the Qonos FlowLab exudes a fresh, human touch, avoiding excessive technicality for a sympathetic user experience. Embracing a minimalist structure and a clear design, the user interface is meticulously detailed, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. This clarity aids healthcare professionals in swiftly comprehending complex clinical information in time-sensitive situations, ensuring absolute error safety.

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