Measurement Technology

Measurement Technology

Business and technology solutions for the metrology sector

"We want people to know they have the best tools at their fingertips that they can do great things with. We want to inspire them to do those things.”

Whether in the energy sector, automotive, series production or facility management – metrology is one of the most complex fields that design can affect. The requirements are often extremely specific, but at the same time also multidimensional – functional range, ergonomics, precision, safety, connectivity and usability must be coherently combined in an overall concept. In addition, measuring devices are in most cases used as mobile solutions, which demands maximum robustness for all practical situations.

“We want people to know that they have the best tools at hand and inspire them to do great things with them.” During this time, we have been involved in the realisation of many of the most innovative and celebrated products. We have always been able to successfully bridge the gap between the physical and digital: Individual, inviting shapes are developed for each product to maximise comfort and improve efficiency. The controls of a product are optimally arranged for the its use, creating a quality experience and sense of familiarity for the entire metrology system: The product as a whole speaks a comprehensible language.

Our comprehensive approach to user-oriented engagement allows us to creatively explore a variety of targeted usability strategies while integrating the specific technology and brand profile. In doing so, we think far beyond the specific task at hand:

Wir helfen Industrieunternehmen, neue Geschäftsmodelle aufzubauen, Produktionsabläufe zu optimieren und Wertschöpfung neu zu denken.

Benefit from our design know-how now!

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