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Jeeves is a service robot, specially designed for the needs of hotel guests. A product experience made of polycarbonate - for the outer shell - that is particularly light and robust. The state-of-the-art 21" touch screen offers intuitive operation in different languages.

The Challenge

“Seek a customer-oriented approach to innovation and lay the foundation for a new generation of service robotics systems and services!” This is how Robotise AG approached us in 2015. And we were ready. So we developed the product vision of a mobile robot assistant with and for the customer. Its job: active hotel industry support through better and original service, relieving staff and increasing turnover.

"We want to offer a great service - comprehensive, uncomplicated and state-of-the-art. We see this package fulfilled 100% with JEEVES."

J. Heringa - NYX Hotels

The Result

JEEVES – the smart robot turns an ordinary hotel service into an extraordinary experience. The basic idea was to replace the unpopular minibars with something more likeable. That’s how JEEVES was born, and it loves to deliver room service or collect guest feedback – contactless. What’s more, JEEVES is fun! It makes guests pause, puts a smile on their face and makes for an irresistible photo. Smart function and elegant emotion make interacting with JEEVES an experience.

JEEVES attracts attention and shines with an elegant impression. Its slender shape moves smoothly and fluently through rooms: intelligent navigation, identification of obstacles and safely finding the target object it is looking for are no problem for it. Interaction with people takes place via an easy-to-use user interface.

Design Thinking

At the beginning of the JEEVES project, we conducted thorough research to discover and define relevant human behaviours and mindsets. In intensive user experience dialogues between Robotise and the Eckstein Design Crew, all details were then analysed and designed. User Experience Design came into play in its full range here. This is how we found gaps in the existing standard service architecture of the hotel industry and were able to design JEEVES to fill them perfectly.

"Our design philosophy is clear, concise and compelling. The better we understand human behaviour patterns, the better are the solutions we create."

Design awards

reddot award 2019


Disinfection robot against Covid-19

Robotise has set itself the task of reducing the use of disinfectants in hospitals – the keyword is multi-resistant germs. UV JOOLES can destroy over 99.99 % of airborne and surface pathogens with UV-C disinfection light. It disinfects a patient room in 10 minutes and an operating theatre in about 20 minutes. Its striking, intuitive design gives it the manoeuvrability it needs to do this.

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