C3 Thermo-Koagulator

How design helps save lives


There is an urgent need worldwide for a simple treatment for cervical cancer. Unlike cryotherapy, where tissue is removed in a cold state, thermocoagulation uses selectively applied heat to destroy malignant tissue.

The Challenge

Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women. Although it can now be combated in industrialised countries across the board, the situation is far more dramatic in developing countries. There, around 250,000 women die of the tumour every year. In addition to a vaccination and new methods of early detection, the innovative treatment by coagulation also creates optimism. A simple and safe device is needed that can not only be operated by doctors but also by nurses. One that can also be used without any problems in simply equipped health care facilities, with the aim of meeting the requirements of maximum effectiveness as well as a high level of patient protection.

The niche provider WISAP specialises in such minimally invasive medical products and entrusted Eckstein Design with the design concept – it was developed from scratch.

The Result

In the future, treating cervical cancer can be done in just 30 seconds thanks to the innovative C3 thermocoagulation probe. Unlike cryotherapy, where tissue is removed in a cold state, thermocoagulation uses selectively applied heat to destroy malignant tissue. The dead tissue is rejected by the body and the tumour is eliminated. The probe is designed with a 12V connection so that even in secluded areas it can operate fully with the help of a rechargeable battery. Its central storage option and integrated exchangeable electrodes save valuable treatment time.


The coagulation probe is convincing due to its simple usability and sensitive design. Operating with the medical hand-held device, which removes precancerous lesions with heat rays (approx. 100˚C), only requires local anaesthesia thanks to the unique heat protection. The use of smooth surfaces and hygienic materials conveys the character of western medical devices.


WISAP C3 allows for surprisingly precise work, which is supported by the LED that illuminates the operating area in a clearly visible way. In addition, the risk of burns during insertion is minimised by the new heat slider, which ensures the best possible protection for the patient. With the pull of a finger, the protective sheathing of the hot probe can be removed after insertion, allowing the probe to be used without a barrier. Handling ergonomics and viewing angle are increased via the modern slim-line design.

Design Thinking

The C3 probe has been developed down to the smallest detail through many studies, evaluative research tests and an HCS (human centred strategy). Thus, in collaboration with usability and clinical experts from WISAP, iterative parameters were determined that were necessary for the precise handling of the C3.

We develop advanced products for a changing world, from advanced technology and medical devices to measuring instruments and consumer products.


The most loving design with many practical details. Small features often have a big impact on its daily user experience ….. After listening carefully to the users, we have introduced details that change the workflow. Since their hands often have little free space, we have added several practical features, such as the protective slider, or the pinpoint position light. C3 offers surprisingly precise work and protection for the patient. Its central storage option and integrated exchangeable electrodes save time and make working fun. When it comes to medical products, the focus is on ergonomics, ease of use and hygiene. The design must first and foremost fulfil these criteria and create confidence in the product. With faster positioning and greater certainty of results, WISAP C3 combines the efficiency and precision that a quality product demands today.

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