eFlow Technology

Controller for membrane nebulizer


The eBase/eTrack controllers optimize inhalation therapy from a functional and aesthetic perspective for patients of all ages.

The design is always oriented to the needs of the target groups and supports intuitive and error-free handling. In combination with eFlow® membrane nebulizers, eBase/eTrack enables efficient and mobile treatments. Using Bluetooth, eTrack interacts with other devices and supports therapy management.

Design awards

German Design Award 2021

The new controller family is defined by a vertical orientation with a slightly conical taper. In its combination of discreetly tensioned surfaces and coordinated radii, the product is based on meaningful strength and ergonomics, whose supple form delivers high cleanability.

Classically, more emphasis is placed on a symmetrical base shape, but in the case of design-specific advantages, an asymmetrical implementation can also be applied. The ePort® Controller follows this approach e.g. by the lateral bulge, behind which a connector for the cable is hidden.

When a product becomes a product family, a defined design language is essential. The market offers a multitude of competing products – only through coherent design with recognizable features can a product be assigned to a brand at first glance. To ensure this, there must be a clear line of forms.

The claim at PARI: modern, ergonomic and precise. Specially shaped for medical technology.

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