New website!

Eckstein Design has gone live with its new website! As style we have been inspired by reduced simplicity, warm bright colors to pop contrast, as well as high-quality presentation. Of course, our in-house ingredient of sophisticated (industrial) design must not be missing, which is explained in more detail in elaborated use cases.

After implementation we can now proudly present the new look! According to the motto: make it big & make it neon pink!

New projects


Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic

A new dimension of design for radiotherapy

Lübbering Roll Profi FLEXIPASS

Design overcomes corners and edges
SIMEON Medical

Sim.MOVE 800

One-for-all solutions in the operating theatre

Lübbering L.ADU 150 / 260

Design and utility in perfect harmony

3M Scotchbond + 3M RelyX

Dental luting composite and adhesive