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Produktdesign Surgical Table, Sim.Move 800, 2018

Surgical Table, Sim.Move 800, 2018

The surgical table Sim.Move 800 Made by SIMEON Medical was newly developed. Thanks to its first class product features it supports physicians perfectly with their high requirements during surgery.

Produktdesign C3 thermo coagulator, 2017

C3 thermo coagulator, 2017

Unlike cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to ablate tissue, thermo coagulation uses heat to destroy tissue. The technology has a clinical appeal because it is user-friendly, inexpensive, and durable. The system runs entirely on electrical power and requires no gas to operate. The treatment is fast, easy to learn and the equipment has a low dependency on a service infrastructure.The treatment requires generally no local anaesthesia and is administered within a very short treatment cycle (< 2 Minutes). The device is fairly simple to use and does not require long enduring and costly training for an operator to understand how it is done properly. Other features are the LED illumination for a better visibility and the heat protection for a safe and painless entry.

The ergonomics of the handgrip and the resettable heat protection were optimized by the Eckstein Design team in several studies. Even after hours the coagulator rests comfortably in the hand and achieves a good and precise result. An intelligently placed user interface allows to keep an eye on all important functions.

Produktdesign OP-Lamp series 'BusinessLine', 2015

OP-Lamp series 'BusinessLine', 2015

SIMEON, a medical technical company from Tuttlingen, a city in south western Germany, is amongst the international market leaders in the field of medical lighting systems. In autumn 2015, the manufacturer introduced a new generation of surgical lights – the BusinessLine. An important element of the BusinessLine is the market-leading reflector technology patented by SIMEON. The surfaces are exclusively manufactured from aluminum and glass for optimized hygiene – characteristic for SIMEON light quality. Small, middle-sized and big surgical lamps can be combined at will. With its broad product portfolio SIMEON is able to provide perfect lighting for every user and use situation. The BusinessLIne as well as all other products are manufactures solely in the SIMEON headquarter in Tuttlingen, therefore it is 100% made in Germany.

Produktdesign Vdw VDW.CONNECT - smart endoscopic device 2015

VDW.CONNECT - smart endoscopic device 2015

VDW.CONNECT combines modern communications technology with high performance. The innovative wireless endo motor VDW.CONNECT Drive offers great portability and simple handling for the user. It provides basic functionality or the flexibility to access a wide range of process-relevant applications via VDW.CONNECT App. Freedom of movement, intuitive control and individual profiles offer the highest possible versatility and efficiency. The new concept is future-proof - VDW.CONNECT is updateable and modular for expandable functions and services. The result is state-of-the-art technology - always.

Produktdesign SoftFlow 50, 2014

SoftFlow 50, 2014

This special applicator was conceived for the intensive and stationary care unit as well as for the home use providing patients with acute respiratory diseases with a higher quality of life. The application follows the TNI® method (therapy with nasal insufflation) which represents a technologically innovative respiratory breathing support: A constant, warm and humid air flow, combined with oxygen if needed, is conducted through a thin nasal cannula into the patient's nose. The result: The air supply improves relieving patients esepcially during the use at night. The SoftFlow 50 is being widely accepted by patients and is also suitable in cases where conventional mask ventilation is not tolerated.

The SoftFlow 50's tidy appearance and its cleary structured components are particularly captivating. The design is reduced to the essential and emphasizes the main feature, the air flow supply.

Produktdesign Pari eFlow CS inhalation system, 2014

eFlow CS inhalation system, 2014

The eFlow® CS inhalation device impresses with its short treatment times, noiseless operation and high portability. It combines innovative piezoelectric membrane technology with disposable medicine vials. Several user studies informed the design process, which took into great consideration the ergonomic needs of the target group (elderly patients, partly with handicaps). The design supports intuitive handling and helps to avoid misuse.

Produktdesign BrainLab BUZZ, 2013

BUZZ, 2013

Buzz Digital OR is a central information terminal for the operating room. Incorporating 42" multi-touch screens, the computer and IP-based system offers intuitive interaction for effective data management in the OR. Buzz provides a high degree of flexibility for medical staff and simplifies the information flow in an increasingly complex OR environment. Minimal installation depth and a streamlined yet generous look make the best use of the OR's limited space.

Produktdesign Medentic iTray, 2013

iTray, 2013

The iTray digital scanner operates on an entirely new kind of technology that gives the scanner an advantage when it comes to oral impression: the relative positions of the upper and lower jaw are automatically recorded. We used ergonomics and grip qualities to inform the design for this innovative impression tray, conveying its operating principles through a clear, streamlined style and using high-quality materials to craft a perfect and organic whole. An OLED display shows the progress of the scan.

Produktdesign Medentic Android, 2013

Android, 2013

The Android articulator developed by Medentic is a high-precision apparatus that mimics the human jaw in both structure and function to facilitate the fabrication of dentures in the lab. It is fully adjustable to accommodate all settings, such as Bennett angle, condylar inclination angle or hinge axis. With this data, the movement of the jaw can subsequently be simulated. The design's style and light-weight and top quality choice of materials supports the articulator's ergonomic geometry.

Produktdesign 3M ESPE Dental Retraction Capsule, 2013

Dental Retraction Capsule, 2013

This retraction capsule was developed for the artificial retraction of gingiva from the tooth neck. By using contrasts of matte and glossy surfaces, but also relief-like height differences, it renders the impression of a high-quality product at first glance. The cylindrical shape with rounded edges provides pleasant haptics and a well-controlled grip. The asymmetric fin underlines the friendly character of the capsule. Upon retraction, the tapered and elongated capsule tip can be easily inserted into the sulcus without injury. The conical geometry allows for easy mechanical displacement of the tissue. In addition, the attached orientation ring simplifies precise intra-oral handling.

Statement by the jury »In designing this retraction capsule, the smallest details of use were considered for every single future working step.«

Produktdesign 3M ESPE Scotchbond™, 2012

Scotchbond™, 2012

The dispensing system of the Scotchbond Universal Adhesive simplifies workflow in modern dentistry and leads to optimised results. The reduced form of the vial body with high-contrast colour variations culminates in the sweeping curves of the deep blue, extra-large locking lever. This enables intuitive, one-handed use of the product. Moreover, the swing lid features a bistable film hinge that locks into a stretched dispensing position when the lid is opened. This ensures an unhindered view of the vial tip for precise dosage during application. An audible clicking sound indicates the closing of the vial, thus protecting the adhesive.

Statement by the jury »The ergonomically shaped dropper vial has been optimised for one-handed use. It enables the user to precisely determine the dispensed amount of the valuable liquid. «

Produktdesign Multiplate Multiplate, 2011

Multiplate, 2011

The Multiplate® Analyzer quickly determines platelet function for the diagnosis of plasma coagulation. The analyzer is used primarily in cardiology, surgery and intensive medicine. The high medical value of the system is a result of its convincing ergonomic concept, visible in its clear and reduced shapes.

Produktdesign Pari eFlow Rapid / Altera, 2011

eFlow Rapid / Altera, 2011

The eFlow Rapid and Altera inhalation systems are innovative devices for treating respiratory illnesses. They were developed to meet the patient's need for efficient, safe and above all rapid nebulizer treatment. The separate, detachable mouth piece ensures perfect nebulizer hygiene.

Produktdesign eZono eZono 3000, 2009

eZono 3000, 2009

The portable ultrasonic system eZono 3000 was designed to meet the demands of clinical point of care services. The main unit is a high-grade flexible hardware platform connected to a powerful processing platform. The display's large surface means it can be used surely and easily. The unit has a direct handle for optimal handling in mobile situations.

Produktdesign KLS Martin marLux, 2005

marLux, 2005

Reflector technology, ergonomics and adaptability were the main goals for the new development of these OR lights. These lights are a step ahead with their distinctive non-blinding, ergonomic and optimal handling properties for medical examinations.

Produktdesign KLS Martin KLS BOS, 2005

KLS BOS, 2005

BOS is a battery-operated screwdriver for use in mouth, jaw, face and neuro- surgery. While developing this product, particular emphasis was placed on minimizing volume and designing a sensitive, ergonomic hand piece that gives the operator a reliable and simple grip on the instrument. IF product design award 2005

Produktdesign Pari eFlow, 2004

eFlow, 2004

The eFlow inhalation system is an innovative device for treating respiratory illnesses. Short treatment times, an unintimidating appearance, easy handling and noiseless operation plus a battery-power option contribute considerably to user acceptance. 2006: Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum 2006. Medical Design Excellence Award

Produktdesign BrainLab VectorVision², 2003

VectorVision², 2003

VectorVision² is a multi-function control system for use in neurosurgery and orthopedic treatments. During conception and design, we placed special emphasis on creating a user-based design where settings can be configured to a particular workspace at any moment.

Produktdesign Pari PARI BOY, 2001

PARI BOY, 2001

PARI BOY is an inhalation device for treating respiratory illnesses. The friendly design, shaped like a drop, is intended to reduce any reservations patients might have about therapy treatment. The nebulizer is easy to use and makes inhalation treatment simple enough for children, and the "Drobby" character also adds an element of fun.

Produktdesign BrainLab iMotion, 2000

iMotion, 2000

Mobile MRI unit.

Produktdesign Sorin C5, 2009

C5, 2009

For the Sorin group, we created the C5 heart-lung machine based on a modular principle. The new system is appreciated for its well-conceived structure and functional, ergonomic design. The solid, stainless steel body reflects the product's high quality. The C5 system's easy-to-access monitor functions enable a perfect workflow for the perfusionist. Priority was given to reducing the unit's outer dimensions in order to adapt to the spatial limitations of very small operating rooms.

Produktdesign Vdw VDW SILVER/GOLD


The entry-level VDW Silver and high-end VDW Gold are two top-quality endodontia devices for the treatment of root canals. An intuitive menu navigation system with few buttons, the clear user interface and a generous display make the device easy to operate.

Produktdesign Vdw RAYPEX®6


When it comes to root canal treatment, it is crucial to precisely determine the canal's length. With RAYPEX®6, the endo-specialist VDW goes beyond mere function to provide a self-explanatory device with a unique design. The hinged body and clear lines convey sensitivity. High-grade materials offer a visual and tactile impression of quality. The user interface can be adapted to individual needs; visual and aural feedback offer an additional sense of security. With these features, RAYPEX®6 sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and ergonomics.

Produktdesign BrainLab Novalis, 1997

Novalis, 1997

Radio surgery system for non-invasive, precision treatment of tumors or vascular malformations using high-energy radiation.
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