Mobile emergency call system


GEOCARE® is a mobile emergency call system with localization function that can be used both at home, as a stationary home emergency call, and during activities outside the home, as a mobile emergency call system.

The combination of GEOCARE®, charging base and radio transmitter means that the optimum safety solution can be found for everyone. Typical user groups are elderly people, children, people who want to be independent despite a disease, as well as sporty ambitious people who want to enjoy the feeling of safety, e.g. on demanding mountain tours.

Thanks to state-of-the-art GPS technology with satellite positioning, the exact position can be determined almost everywhere in the world. In an emergency, the data is sent via the GSM network at the push of a button. Operation is child’s play. There is no unlocking, no opening of apps and no dialing of phone numbers: GEOCARE® is reduced to the essential functions, while being more robust, lighter and easier to handle than any cell phone.

Eckstein Design gave the device a modern look. The proportions of the case make it look both elegant and sporty. All operating and display elements are clearly arranged and yet discreet. Only the SOS button as the most important element is in a prominent position.

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