Eckstein Design wins Red Dot and iF Design Award

With THE GROOVIN' PUTTER, Eckstein Design secures the prestigious "Red Dot Design Award" and "iF Design Award."

Eckstein Design wins Red Dot and iF Design Award

for Outstanding Design and Innovation

With THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER, Eckstein Design secures the prestigious “Red Dot Design Award” and “iF Design Award.”

Eckstein Design, a leading company in the field of industrial and product design, has recently received great recognition for its creative excellence. THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER, commissioned by Lübbering Pedersen and designed by Eckstein Design, has been awarded both the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award. These successes testify to the company’s exceptional commitment and innovative design solutions.

Double Recognition for THE GROOVIN' PUTTER

THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER is not just another golf accessory; it is a masterpiece of design and functionality. By winning the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award, THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER, designed for Lübbering Pedersen, has received two of the most renowned awards in the design industry. This double honor highlights the outstanding quality and unique design of the putter, which impresses with its innovative construction and aesthetic appeal. THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER demonstrates how thoughtful design and precise engineering can go hand in hand.

A Victory for the Entire Team

The awards are a testament to the hard work and tireless dedication of the entire Eckstein Design team. Every single designer and engineer contributed to the success of THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER, proving that collaboration and creativity can lead to exceptional results. Fynn Eckstein, one of the managing directors at Eckstein, emphasized that this recognition would further increase motivation for future projects and that he is extremely proud of the entire team for this great achievement.

Outlook and Future Projects

With these significant awards behind them, Eckstein Design looks forward to a promising future. The company plans to continue developing groundbreaking products that impress not only with their design but also with their functionality and user-friendliness. The double award for THE GROOVIN’ PUTTER is just the beginning of a series of innovative projects that Eckstein Design will realize in the coming years. Learn more about what we can do for your company here and explore our services in industrial design.

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