Productdesign References

Productdesign Robotise Jeeves, 2018

Jeeves, 2018

Soon humans will be in daily contact with robots. Design plays a vital role in ensuring that robots are accepted by people and perceived as pleasant. But handling robots should not only be fun, but it must also bring an economic advantage. Jeeves is a service robot specially designed for the needs of hotel guests. A product experience made of polycarbonate - for the outer shell - particularly light and robust. The state-of-the-art 21" touch screen offers intuitive operation in different languages. The 1.2m service robot with 100 liters of storage space impresses with its unique personality and provides hotel guests with snacks and drinks when they want them. This new minibar service approach leads to a significant increase in efficiency. Jeeves is designed to improve services, relieve staff and open up new opportunities for customers. The service robot was developed in close cooperation between Robotise and Eckstein Design over a period of three years. Designing interaction - unique and differentiating and always keeping an eye on the user.

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt

Productdesign GeoCare GEOCARE - Mobile rescue and locating system, 2016

GEOCARE - Mobile rescue and locating system, 2016

GEOCARE® is a mobile emergency call system with positioning function that can be used both at home , as a stationary home emergency call as well as on activities outside the home, as a mobile emergency call system. The combination of GEOCARE®, charging cradle and radio transmitter result in an optimal safety solution for everybody. Typical peer groups are elderly, children, people with diseases who want to live a independent live or people with sporty ambitions - for example on a hiking tour. By cutting edge GPS technology the exact position of GEOCARE® can be found almost everywhere. In an emergency, the data is sent via the GSM network - either to individual private contacts or to a professional emergency call center . Functions, such as automatic call acceptance and speakerphone enable a high-quality voice communication in emergencies and avoids false alarms in minor accidents . The device is easy to use for everyone. Even without technical knowledge everyone can understand GEOCARE® easily and use the device correctly: No unlocking , no opening of apps and no searching for telephone numbers: GEOCARE® is reduced to the essential functions, it is much smaller, lighter and more robust than any smartphone.

The proportion gives the design a modern and elegant charisma. All controls and indicating elements are clearly but descreet arranged. Only the SOS-Button – the most important feature – is prominently placed.

Productdesign Powercure adhesive system

Powercure adhesive system

THE ULTIMATE IN PRECISION IN YOUR HANDS The PowerCure adhesive system delivers the precision and performance of the high-end pump systems found on vehicle manufacturers’ production lines. It combines high flexibility, ergonomic and easy handling, and minimal waste in a clear and focused design. The use of a single, brushless motor mechanically couples extrusion, dosing and dynamic mixing, and allows users to control extrusion speed on the go and without compromise. Providing the fastest curing adhesives at an unmatched level of comfort for the user, PowerCure is the total solution for smaller sealing and bonding applications. SIKA’S POWERCURE ADHESIVE SYSTEM HAS RECEIVED AN IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 Sika’s PowerCure System design combines the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesive systems in a new and comfortable way. For the industrial design Sika has worked with Eckstein Design. Our efforts to create an outstanding solution for accelerated sealing and bonding has been recognized by the international jury of the IF DESIGN AWARD. POWERCURE – TOTAL SOLUTION FOR ACCELERATED BONDING PowerCure is the ultimate solution for accelerated sealing and bonding. PowerCure is full of new technology, protected by more than 13 patents. A range of products make the system the ideal solution when it’s about fast curing adhesive and sealants. IF DEWIGN AWARD For over 60 years, the IF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. The IF logo is an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design. The IF DESIGN AWARD is one of the worldwide leading design awards. Sika’s PowerCure Adhesive System has received an IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 and Sika is amongst the winner of the renowned IF label. The number of competitors was huge: the international high-profile jury assessed more than 5.000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive this converted seal of excellence. ECKSTEIN DESIGN Eckstein Design is functional and esthetic industrial design of the highest quality. We dedicate ourselves fully to every project, contributing a wide range of expertise and experience, and above all a passion for interesting challenges. Our clients are international leaders in manufacturing from a range of sectors. Together we continue to bring new, successful products to the market – even over decades of cooperation.

Productdesign Steinel LED-lightning system Q1, 2015

LED-lightning system Q1, 2015

Efficient, highly durable and future-oriented. The intelligent sensor- and LED-technique by STEINEL lights generates a higher quality of life, safety and energy savings. The RS PRO LED Q1 by STEINEL raises the performance bar in the high-end sector to a new level. By the use of a 360° high frequency sensor, the lamp recognizes peoples’ movements within a range of 8 m. These actions will be performed temperature-independent and through obstacles like wood or lightweight construction walls. Because of 2350 Im, a perfect homogeneous illumination with cold white light-temperature will be presented at 4000 K. Now changing the light bulb really is a thing of the past thanks to an LED life expectancy of approximately 30 years. Highly innovative sensors react on movements and lighting conditions. Lights switch on automatically without any delay and also off again after a chosen amount of time. The RS PRO LED Q1 has been awarded with the Red Dot Award 2015.

Productdesign Leuze Data transmission photoelectric sensor DDLS500, 2015

Data transmission photoelectric sensor DDLS500, 2015

Leuze Electronics‘s optical data transceiver DDLS 500 is an efficient sensor, which enables a contactless and wear-free optical communication of automated storage systems by transmitting data without any cable or other interferences. Merely one person is required to adjust the patented data-light ray precisely during its installation. Additionally, four laser points projected on the ground along a line make it possible to position the sensors even over long distances. For this reason, processes in the area of plant construction can be conducted fast and successfully. The design of the DDLS 500 integrates excellent in the Leuze-family sensors. The product itself persuades through its honest aesthetics in relation to its shape the chosen materials and through its intuitive handling. It continues the Corporate Design-Elements of Leuze Electronic Sensors effortlessly.

Productdesign Steinel Hot air gun range, 2015

Hot air gun range, 2015

The new hot air tool with 2300W offers a maximum of performance, precision and usability. Today’s requirements in this professional segment are very extreme – high durability, microprocessor boosters, electronic control and perfect ergonomics. This new product range includes some new improvements as well as new developments and inventions. Eckstein Design assumed the design of the whole product range. For that reason, the adjustment of air volume and the ceramic heater are infinitely variable trough a special joystick ranging from 50 – 700 °C. The weight is convincing at 840g only (excluding the cable). Optionally, the hot air tool can be expanded with the temperature-scanner ‘HD-Scan’, which records the temperature of the work piece though infrared-technology and guarantees optimal distance.

Productdesign Syr Heating system filter HF3415

Heating system filter HF3415

Today’s heating plants are complex and precisely adapted systems, which respond sensitively to pollution. As a result, it is important to have a protection against metal particles and other impurities. The heating filter HEIFIKO HF 3415 by SYR is able to prevent such scenarios by means of pearl-technology and magnetic field. Additionally, it ensures for an energy-efficient operation and a prolonged durability of the system. Not only the technology – its design shows the way forward, too. The assumption was to manifest quality, performance and maintainability in the design language. By a red c-shape band, all important functional components like back flush handle and ventilation are integrated. The design demonstrates quality, durability and creates confidence. The heating filter HF3415 was honored by the IF Award.

Productdesign Kress

Productdesign Smartray ECCO75


3D goes HD! The new ECCO 75 Series from SmartRay delivers higher resolution, increased accuracy, larger field of view and more 3D points scanned per second. These stylish new high-definition 3D Sensors are ideal for detailed inspection, precision guidance and high accuracy measurement applications. Like the highly successful 35 and 55 Series ECCO products, the 75 Series 3D Sensors are compact, light in weight and very economical.

Productdesign Rehau Signa Base, 2013

Signa Base, 2013

The SIGNA BASE cable duct by REHAU simplifies the workflow for routine installation on construction sites. All components are intuitive to use and tailored to the installation process. The audible click when latching the top and all the other functional elements noticeably increase comfort while assembling. The esthetic and elegant style of this attractive duct make handling self-explanatory and offer optimal ergonomics. SIGNA BASE perfectly combines ease-of-use with distinctive elegance.

Productdesign Steinel Heat tools series, 2013

Heat tools series, 2013

A range of re-designed STEINEL heat tools which includes 5 tools, from the most basic to the most sophisticated models. The hot air guns have an eye-catching, contemporary style that can't go wrong and speaks to both the ambitious handyman and professionals. Characteristic features for all models include optimal weight distribution, heat indicator and a guard for the blower as an additional safety measure. The optional, attachable HGScanPro sensor detects and sets the ideal temperature for the chosen material and enables risk-free heating. All models are recognizable members of the same product family through their visually similar construction and embody the company's corporate design, also developed by ECKSTEIN DESIGN.

Productdesign Adatis 2 WIRE CONVERTER, 2014


The Adatis 2Wire converter transforms any existing two-wire cable into an Ethernet connection, including power supply for any connected devices. The converter's puristic design and elegant stainless steel body create a high-quality look that integrates excellently into office environments. The graphic elements are comfortable and intuitive to follow.

Productdesign Leuze BPS300i, 2014

BPS300i, 2014

This highly innovative laser barcode positioning system is primarily integrated to logistics systems for distribution centers or assembly lines, where reliability and efficiency are of utmost importance. In mere seconds, the system can enter and log goods on the assembly line. The design is appreciated for its integrational properties and the precision it conveys. The shape and style of the BPS 300i facilitates both handling and communication in automation. Furthermore its intricate mirror architecture helps to reduce errors to a minimum.

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt SECUTEST, 2014


SECUTEST is used for certifying the electrical safety of electrical equipment and appliances. The device is completely encased in rubber and emphasizes the distinctive style of Gossen Metrawatt's CPD. Testing can be intuitively implemented thanks to features like the two-way switch for quick access to the necessary display menus. The SECUTEST design and ergonomics express the high-quality, value and usability of a brand-name product. IF product design award 2014

Productdesign Leuze Safety Laser Scanner RSL400

Safety Laser Scanner RSL400

The RSL400 safety laser scanner functions like a 270° light beam. Its compact design and versatile mounting options make it an ideal solution, for example in autonomous transport vehicles for manufacturing centers: as soon as an obstacle is detected, the RS5 sends a signal to stop the vehicle immediately. High-grade, heavy-duty materials and sophisticated optics make the scanner suited to a variety of uses. Our design semantics value compactness and durability. The case is built in segments, with standard CI colors. The protected display offers additional information.

Productdesign H2Otec HELION 45, 2013

HELION 45, 2013

The Helion 45 by H20tec is a powerful and compact purification-reactor. It functions on an innovative, patented principle and uses natural processes to efficiently purify water. The technical specifications of the instrument make it suitable for both installation in buildings and mobile use, for example on ships or in mobile homes. The case was specially designed with this in mind to be small and durable, with the control unit and system based on intuitive criteria. For H20tec we additionally re-designed a complete web presence which visually conveys the core benefit "fresh, healthy water" and provides a credible framework for product information.

Productdesign Steinel Hot air stick, 2013

Hot air stick, 2013

The HL Stick is a compact heat gun ideal for point-precise heating, perfect for hobbyists and model makers. A manual or free-standing tool in one, it offers exceptional sensational stability. The heat gun comes with an integrated LED work light and four nozzles. The clear lines of the tool's body express high-quality and an innovative technological approach. Red Dot design award 2013

Productdesign Steinel neo1 - glue applicator, 2013

neo1 - glue applicator, 2013

A cordless, all-purpose glue applicator that is small, quick and drip-free. The Li-Ion battery allows cordless operation in any place, at any time. The neo1 is ready to start in just 15 seconds. A new, ergonomic pen-shaped grip makes it fast and precise for even the smallest glue jobs. It successfully integrates the new design language of STEINEL tools and generates a modern style.

Productdesign SI-Analytics Titroline, 2013

Titroline, 2013

TitroLine® is a modern lab analysis unit that covers a range of potentiometric titration tasks for use in food, water/used water and environmental analysis. The unit's display is reduced to the essentials and tilted at an ergonomic angle to improve visibility and simplify operation. The oblique lower body gives the unit a streamlined and elegant look.

Productdesign senses senses TOUCH, 2013

senses TOUCH, 2013

Flat construction meets subtle elegance in this new approach to intelligent ceiling lamps. The high-quality LEDs can create any desired atmosphere: from bright, cool work light to soft, warm ambient light. Simply touch the glass panel to access the light functions and change the light settings. With the up/down options, users can gradually move between direct or indirect light. It is also possible to save two custom light settings using the memo-touch.

Productdesign Gossen Photo DIGISKY, 2013


The DIGISKY compact light meter is tailored to both studio and outdoor use and includes a trigger to select between flash and ambient readings. It is intuitive and easy to handle, with a quiet and high-quality look. The SlimLine meter has many characteristic features, including a variety of surface textures, prominent meter head and elegant silver printing. The unique ring controller allows the user to switch between different measurement functions.

Productdesign Adatis FACEENTRY-XT, 2013


FACEENTRY-XT from Adatis is a complete audiovisual solution for visitor communication. The 3D facial recognition identifies the visitor's face using biometric features and enables fast and safe access security. Reduced design and high-grade materials give an immediate impression of quality. The communication system is water-resistant and vandal-proof, for maximum reliability in daily use.

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt

Productdesign Steinel neo2 - wireless glue applicator, 2013, 2013

neo2 - wireless glue applicator, 2013, 2013

The solid, battery-operated neo2 hot glue applicator is designed to be a versatile helper in the workshop, garage or around the house. Its main advantages: cordless operation thanks to a Li-Ion battery and ready to use in only 15 seconds. The effort-saving trigger transports even larger amounts of glue easily to a surface. Lines and proportions give the hot glue applicator a professional appearance.

Productdesign Richter + Frenzel Optiset bathroom fittings, 2012

Optiset bathroom fittings, 2012

The OPTISET bathroom system from Richter+Frenzel impresses with elegant lines and beautiful proportions. The elegant round shapes of the wash basin and semi-column blend in perfect harmony with other OPTISET bathroom concepts like toilet and bidet. Matching chrome fittings and accessories complete the modern, self-contained design.

Productdesign Kress 360 BPS BiPower, 2012

360 BPS BiPower, 2012

The 360 BPS BiPower is a rotary and chisel hammer for professionals that offers cordless 36 Volt Li-Ion battery or corded electrical operation. The body's clear alignment accentuates the idea of precise, confident technology. The ergonomic handle design offers the 360 BPS a soft touch and effortless usability. 2012 PlusXAward – Best Product of the Year

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt METRISO, 2012


METRISO G1000 is a high-precision instrument to test protective measures in electrical installations. The design combines a complete, ergonomic approach with a clear expression of the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The flexible display provides a direct view of the display panel no matter how the device is positioned: whether hanging or on the table. The side dial and push buttons make it comfortable to operate.

Productdesign Adatis FACEENTRY, 2011


FACEENTRY from Adatis is a complete audiovisual solution for visitor communication. The 3D facial recognition identifies the visitor's face using biometric features and enables fast and safe access security. Reduced design and high-grade materials give an immediate impression of quality.

Productdesign Syr IT 4000, 2011

IT 4000, 2011

The IT 4000 water softener by SYR provides soft household water through the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. The installation's compact and minimal shape allows it to be seamlessly integrated into any household environment. The sleek facade made of light materials conveys transparency and symbolizes the value of pure water. The aluminum profile provides visual accents for the installation and gives it a fitted and stable look. REDDOT 2012- + IT 4000 Plus X Award 2013

Productdesign Syr Drufi DFR, FF, DFF, FR, 2011

Drufi DFR, FF, DFF, FR, 2011

The DRUFI DFR back-flush filter is installed in the water supply unit. Its distinctive design unites the manufacturer's high technical requirements with a coherent appearance to provide a harmonized whole. Behind this compactly built component and its visually-appealing transparent back-flush filter hides innovative technology. This striking appearance underscores the filter's professional level of functionality. 2011, Design Plus-Award 2011, Nominee Designpreis Deutschland

Productdesign Rofin PERFORMANCE, 2011


A highly innovative manual welding laser with a distinctive ergonomic design: a spacious, easy-to-access work chamber with a hinged cover that can be opened with one hand, leaving the other hand free to steady the workpiece. The high-contrast color touch screen offers easy access to the machine's functions, while the convenient memory and useful default settings allow for intuitive operation.

Productdesign Doble Lemke PD smart , 2011

PD smart , 2011

The Doble Lemke PD-Smart is a multi-application partial discharge analyzer and diagnostic system for stationary and mobile use, produced in a limited series. The instrument is compactly designed and nestles comfortably in a transportable case. Functional elements like the grounding and battery mount are flush integrated. Overall the device appeals with its generous clarity and robust appearance.

Productdesign Leuze MLD 500, 2010

MLD 500, 2010

The MLD500 by Leuze is an effective personal safety appliance that conforms to international safety standards. The light beam's elegant, eye-catching design fosters functionality and a sense of high quality.

Productdesign F&K Delvotec WEGA 80XX, 2010

WEGA 80XX, 2010

WEGA 80XX is the latest generation of laser bonding machines from leading manufacturer F&K Delvotec. The machines are equipped with head-replacement systems in order to meet various wire and die bonding requirements. The case is intelligently segmented for maximum compactness. An easy to open glass box encases the bonder, display and monitor microscope, making all tools easy to view. The controls are color-accented to facilitate operation.

Productdesign safe ID AS3000, 2009

AS3000, 2009

The AS 3000 is an automated passport printing system. The design aims for an independent line of products which embody the new visual identity of SAFE ID systems. The new design focuses on function and intuitive operation.

Productdesign Rofin CUBE, 2009

CUBE, 2009

The Cube is a compact, universal laser that offers various cutting, welding, structuring and labeling solutions for manual or partially-automated manufacturing. The outer shell can be opened wide to facilitate adjustments and settings. The clearly structured all-in-one case makes it completely comfortable to use, even when there's little floor space.

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt PROFITEST MASTER, 2009


PROFITEST MASTER is a precision testing device for electrical installations. For the Profitest line, which will soon encompass 4 versions, we have developed a distinctive, unmistakable corporate design that expresses a complete ergonomic concept and simultaneously shows the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The high-grade rubber coating effectively protects against daily wear and tear, improves grip and gives the device a solid feel. IF product design award 2009

Productdesign Kress AFB 180, 2008

AFB 180, 2008

AFB is a professional-grade cordless screwdriver with a slim, ergonomic shape. Equipped with the world's unique QuiXS rapid-action chuck changing system, the drill can be detached in seconds for immediate use as a cordless screwdriver. The combination of different, high-grade materials is new to cordless screwdrivers and represents a new dimension in professional power tools. IF product design award 2010

Productdesign Gossen Photo STARLITE 2, 2008

STARLITE 2, 2008

STARLITE 2 is a professional light meter with a compact, waterspray-protected shell and rubber-coated contours to guarantee a secure grip and convey a sense of durability. The STARLITE 2 design is based on a previous model and meets the high standards of the professional user.

Productdesign SI-Analytics Lab- und ProLab-Serie, 2005

Lab- und ProLab-Serie, 2005

A new range of professional PH and conductivity meters designed for stationary lab use in electrochemical measurement technology. The overall appearance clearly separates the input (light) and output (dark) areas. A practical, S4D special stand was developed for the entire Lab series and for both left- and right-handed users and can be mounted without tools or screws.

Productdesign Rofin Starweld Select, 2005

Starweld Select, 2005

Starweld Select is a sturdy and versatile welding laser that unites an ergonomic manual welder, a joy-stick navigated surface welder and a precision CNC system in one. The specially-developed patented doors can be pushed flush inside the machine, leaving the work chamber free.

Productdesign Kress 1-2 FIX, 2005

1-2 FIX, 2005

The 1-2 FIX cordless screwdriver features a compellingly compact and portable design. The gear casing is manufactured through an aluminum die-casting process, with a grip made of 2-component plastics. The 1-2 Fix charging station, which can also be mounted as a wall holder, has a unique removable retaining ring to store bits for quick changes.

Productdesign Kress WSI3, 2004

WSI3, 2004

WSB is a professional-grade 2-hand angle grinder with a pivoting grip so the tool can be quickly and optimally adapted to any situation. The solid aluminum gear casing is designed flat to facilitate use in even the narrowest spaces, and the guard can be adjusted without additional tools.

Productdesign Kress TBS, 2004

TBS, 2004

The 650 TBS is a professional-grade drywall screwdriver with a soft handle and rubber-coated switch to make work comfortable and reduce fatigue. The sturdy die-cast aluminum gear casing guarantees optimal, long-lasting drilling performance.

Productdesign Gossen Metrawatt MULTIMETER, 2003


METRAHIT multimeter is a compact hand-held device for gauging tension and current. The rubber outer shell makes the device durable and shockproof. The large middle dial and patented, automatic socket blockers guarantee the highest comfort and ease of use.

Productdesign WTW InoLab


InoLab is a measuring device for determining PH, redox, oxygen, conductivity and temperature. The design is a step ahead with its easy-to-clean film keypad and clearly arranged function buttons, making it especially well-suited for use in the biology lab.

Productdesign Strobel VPR 100

VPR 100

Strobel is a leading manufacturer of specialized sewing machines. We generated a new product CI for the company that was embodied for the first time in the VPR100er spot-tacking machine. By using solid materials, we ensured longevity and resilient quality. The machine's user- and service-friendly build and ergonomic arrangement for the controls mean it can be consistently used for high productivity.

Productdesign Ideal Standard Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard is one of the leading worldwide providers of exceptional bathroom furnishings, kitchen fittings and accessories. From 1998 to 2001, we designed the "Venice" bathroom collection for Ideal Standard, determining clear accents: strong and timelessly elegant, based on round, circular forms. Nordrhein Westfalen product design prize 2001
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