machines productdesign

DMG, 2006

datum: 21-04-2009
Study for a 5-axle / 5-sided milling machine for the company DMG Gildemeister.

Bond system table unit, 1994

datum: 21-04-2009
Compact bond system for wire and die-bonds as well as pull, shear and tweezer machine tests.
The system can be placed on any table and is thereby especially suited to lab use, prototype manufacturing, pre-series production and repairs.

1-2 FIX, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
The 1-2 FIX cordless screwdriver locks you in with its compact, easy-to-handle design. The gear casing is finished in an aluminum die-casting process, whereas the handle is encased in composite synthetic fabric. The combination of different materials and manufacturing techniques offers optimal handling and high precision.

The 1-2 FIX charging station can be affixed to the wall and has a unique wrist band that can store bits for quick changes.

Interfacedesign, 2008

datum: 21-04-2009
Planatol is a chemical and machine construction company whose core competence is on "adhesion". We created the interface and screen design for the CombiJet adhesive and folding machine.

1-hand angle sander, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
1-hand angle sander for the DIY market.

Starweld Select, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
Starweld Select is a sturdy laser welding machine that unites an ergonomic hand welder, a joy-stick navigated surface welder and a precision CNC system in one.
Our patented doors can be pushed flush inside the machine, leaving the work chamber free for positioning the object.
The chamber is equipped with leather sleeves to increase comfort for the user.

Molding and pressing facility, 2000

datum: 21-04-2009
G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally-active industry supplier for the machine and equipment construction as well as nuclear and die-casting markets. In 2000 we developed a design concept for Siempelkamp's particle board molding and pressing facility.

Bonderlinie, 2002

datum: 21-04-2009
Series of bond systems for the assembly line.

TBS, 2004

datum: 21-04-2009
The 650 TBS is a drill for professional use in dry building. The soft handle and rubber switch make work pleasurable and less tiring.

The sturdy die-cast aluminum gear casing guarantees optimal long-lasting drilling performance.

Drill machine, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
Drill machine for the DIY market.

CUBE, 2009

datum: 21-04-2009
The Cube is a compact, universal laser unit that offers various cutting, welding, structuring and labelling solutions for manual or partially-automated production.

WS, 2002

datum: 21-04-2009
The WS is a professional one-hand sanding tool. Its distinctive slim shape offers the best possible ergonomics. The 2-part soft handle made of synthetic fabric makes work less tiring and helps dull vibrations.

Cordless screwdriver and drill, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
Battery operated cordless drill/screwdriver for the DIY market.

Interface design, 2005

datum: 11-05-2009
Interface design for the Starweld Select laser welding machine.

WSB, 2004

datum: 21-04-2009
The WSB is a professional two-hand angle sander. The handle pivots, providing optimal and fast adaptation to every situation.

The aluminum, die-cast casing is designed to be flat and durable so that the sander can be used in even the narrowest of corners. The cover can be rotated without tools.

AFB, 2008

datum: 21-04-2009
The AFB is a professional battery-operated drill and screwdriver. It has a small, ergonomically shaped case. Equipped with the unique QuiXS- drill chuck system, the drill can be detached in seconds and immediately switched for use with screws.

The combination of different, high-grade materials is new to cordless drills and screwdrivers and represents a new dimension in professional electric tools.

Packaging, 2005

datum: 21-04-2009
Packaging design for the 1-2 FIX cordless screwdriver.
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