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Produktdesign Camille Bauer Exhibition design, HannoverMesse 2011- 2013

Exhibition design, HannoverMesse 2011- 2013

Camille Bauer has extensive experience in developing measurement instruments capable of precision and function under all external conditions. For their trade fair stand in Hannover, we were inspired by the motto: "Connecting the new to the tried and tested." The stand embodied the company's colors and corporate design within the trade fair setting, guiding visitors towards the world and applied solutions of Camille Bauer in a way that was compatible with the company's image.

Produktdesign Camille Bauer In-house showroom, 2012

In-house showroom, 2012

The in-house showroom brings to life Camille Bauer's long history through a kind of parcours: black cubes with historical photos and equipment represent a combination of technology and tradition. Three exhibition displays were positioned in space to show the company's current line of products, and a floor-long timeline guided visitors through technological history and evolution of the company.

Produktdesign Gossen Photo TRADE FAIR STAND PHOTOKINA, 2010-2012


An impressive trade fair stand presented in Gossen's characteristic black-and-red contrasting colors and built with well-balanced proportions, solid background wall elements and an inviting display counter in the foreground. The integrated booth area offers a space for private meetings with clients. Subtle informative texts line the walls, accompanied by emotionally-charged graphics, to bring the world of Gossen products to the exhibition hall.

Produktdesign PARItec Trade fair stand, 2009

Trade fair stand, 2009

We designed a trade fair stand that illustrates the innovative effectiveness and unique performance of the O-run micro pump, with interesting interactive functional elements and informative displays.
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