Jul 4th 2016 // Red Dot Award prize-giving

On 4 July 2016, the global design scene came to Essen to celebrate the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design. The best products have been chosen and the proud prizewinners have received their trophies at the Aalto Theater in Essen. Congratulations to all winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016! This year the "Blackmagic Industrial Design Team led by Simon Kidd" from Australia was honored as the Red Dot Design Team of the Year 2016. Blackmagic is one of the most influential innovators and producers of creative video technologies.

Mar 1st 2016 // 2x IF AWARD 2016 for VDW Connect and SIKA Powercure

Also this year we can look forward to an award for good design performance.
On the one hand, the modern endoscopy instrument for electronic depth measurement "VDWConnect" by the medical device manufacturer VDW from Munich won the coveted price. Furthermore, the PowerCure adhesive system of the Swiss company SIKA was awarded for its design.


Experts, colleagues and the committee of the VDID discussed new chances and challenging task fields for industrial designer during the designer breakfast in the old congress hall in Munich. Professional exchange of the participants was hereby inspired by keynote speeches.

Feb 26th 2016 // DEsigned in Bavaria

The slogan „design connects“ was the main topic at this year’s MCBW and was expressed during the week by the people in Munich.

Different events were organized – exhibitions, conferences, workshops, company tours, and much more – which attracted increasingly international delegations as well as worldwide interested parties to participate. The high attractiveness of the MCBW refers also to a yearly change in its thematic direction, which is oriented on actual social trends and discussions. Other important facts are the sustainability of products and services as well as the support of junior creative’s.

The VDID, association of german industrial designer, was represented at events, presentations and discussions during the MCBW.
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