Mar 12th 2017 // Eckstein Design and VDID at the Munich Creative Business Week

The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), Germany's largest design event, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world to the "Isarmetropole" from 4th to 12th March. The exhibition theme for 2017 is: "Design Connects - The Smart Revolution". Eckstein Design and designers of the VDID organized an exhibition on the theme "A Work Show for Form and Function with Sense and Emotions" at the Wittelsbacher Platz at USM, where visitors can access the advanced technologies with all their senses. The VDID designers stand for exceptionally innovative and inspiring industrial and product design, which determines the function and the malfunction, the relationship to products, brand and brand experience. If the design fits, it brings together different impulses to a larger whole.

Feb 19th 2017 // MCBW Panel discussion

USM and the VDID organized a panel discussion on the topic "Designed in Bavaria - Design and Future" on the occasion of this year's MCBW on March 9th,
In the USM showroom many invited guests came. On the podium, Dr. Andrea Niedzela-Schmutte from the Bavarian Ministry of State, Dr. Kilian Steiner (Bavarian Design), Prof. Peter Naumann (Deputy VDID Chairman, Munich University of Applied Sciences), Stefan Eckstein (owner Eckstein Design and VDID President), and Volker Stumpf (VDID, Delegate).

Dec 12th 2016 // Agile design development - Our workshops

Agile design development is a streamlined, practical, application-oriented method for innovation. It combines structured iterations with short concept and development phases in teams. The client is always an integral part of the design process, helping to bundle internal and external skills. It starts with creating a vision for the product. And this quickly takes on precise shapes - in models, visualizations and prototypes. The decisive advantage: Improvements can be identified more quickly, making it easier to maintain a sustainable acceleration in product development. This is how products come to life which are fun for the consumer, easy to use, captivate our minds and inspire our hearts.

Our Agile design development process is divided into three levels. On the first level is the BLUEBOX, a free-thinking space, a session room and a meeting space where we hone in on a design using a variety of DesignThinking elements. Our industrial designers are trained observers who can pinpoint a problem or an end-user‘s needs. They put themselves in the user‘s shoes to take a closer look, continually changing their point of view.

On the second level is the CreativeBox, a design center. And on the third level is the CoverBox, where
ideas and designs take form.

You have a vison or you’re in search of new ideas? Contact us!

Nov 3rd 2016 // VDID at the EUROMOLD and Airtec 2016

At an exclusive location – the entrance area of the munich fair – the VDID informed the small but choice expert audience of the double exhibition Euromold and Airtec in October 2016.
In addition, Eckstein Design, Mursch & Knopp and Platodesign were present to provide information about their work and their collaboration with the VDID.
The work of the two bachelor students Thomas Reithmeier (innovative bicycle helmet) and Ferdinand Krämer (emotional and sustainable leather protection plate / mid-string bag), sponsored and exhibited by the VDID, were of great interest. In the course of a reception of the Bavarian state government in the emperor’s residence at the Munich Residenz, discussions were held between business and politics at an evening network event.
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