Oct 8th 2021 // Award Winning Team - Again

Our long-time customer 3M has also won two Red Dot Design Awards, from the design spring of Eckstein Design.

For the year 2021, we can therefore celebrate the product Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive Bottle, which could shine with its ergonomics in one-handed operability, stable head position, as well as the head-shape to not lose a drop of the fluid. Another innovation was the freshness cap, which guarantees an unopened bottle.

The second product was the 3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement automix syringe. This newly designed syringe convinces with its ergonomic hand position. Optimized force transfer to the syringe contents is ensured via a trihedron. The stamp for the thumb rest is designed to be thumb-sensitive with gentle surges.

We congratulate the 3M team for the successful implementation of the products, which rightly deserve the recognition of the design awards. Congratulations from Eckstein Design!

Jun 8th 2021 // Award Winning Team

The Eckstein Design Crew was awarded again!
The products of the companies Roll..Profi and Lübbering by Achim Lübbering were honored with 2 prizes by the jury of the IF Design Awards.

The double award acknowledges not only the performance of the team, which has created convincing products through the good cooperation and the always solution-oriented commitment, but also the demands that the world places on qualitative and innovative products. Accordingly, ergonomics and convincing functionality embedded in a meaningful design also play an important role.

The winning products are the Flexipass from Roll..Profi, which, as a practical all-rounder, simplifies cable laying and makes it safer. The innovative approach offers simple handling and will soon find its way into everyday cable laying.

The second product from Lübbering belongs to a new line of high-precision drilling machines. The L.ADU Penuematic was not only able to convince with its special drilling performance, but also scored points by defining the new design language of the L.ADU series.

We congratulate the team from Roll..Profi and Lübbering for these two awards, which appropriately acknowledge the intensive work and successful results. Congratulations!

May 18th 2021 // 1x Red Dot for Roll..Profi and 2x for Lübbering

The jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 honored the best products of the year and valuable customers of Eckstein Design were acknowledged with awards. Achim Lübbering and his companies Roll..Profi and Lübbering submitted a total of 3 projects, all of which were convincing in terms of their aspiration, their performance and the novelty of their approach.

The first product is the Flexipass from Roll..Profi, which, as a practical all-rounder, simplifies cable laying and makes it safer. The innovative approach offers simple handling and will soon find its way into the everyday business of cable laying.

The other products of the Lübbering company belong to a new line of high-precision drilling machines - the L.ADU Pneumatic and the L.ADU Electronic. In addition to the special drilling performance, they were also able to score with their uniform design language, which represents the new and modern face for the L.ADU line.

Even if the conditions for submitting products were difficult due to Covid this year, impressive product videos were created that put the quality of these products in the right light and give a good impression of the performance. These videos can be found for everyone under the following links:

We congratulate the team of the companies Roll..Profi and Lübbering for these successful products and the awards they deserve. Congratulations!

Nov 2nd 2020 // The best way to meet the future is to mold it: WE ARRIVE

After 20 years in Schwabing, it was there, the need for change, the desire for a change of scenery, the feeling of seeking something new. As much as design has changed over time, the needs and demands of workspaces changed as well.

With this ambition, we have designed our new creative studio and adapted it to the wishes of how we want to work in it: open, flexible, inspiring, creative.

From the layout of the room to the lighting concept - from the choice of materials to the colour design - from the planning to the execution, we have implemented our ideas and have now arrived. And the best part is: we are still in Schwabing.
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