3M ESPE // Dental Retraction Capsule, 2013

This retraction capsule was developed for the artificial retraction of gingiva from the tooth neck. By using contrasts of matte and glossy surfaces, but also relief-like height differences, it renders the impression of a high-quality product at first glance. The cylindrical shape with rounded edges provides pleasant haptics and a well-controlled grip. The asymmetric fin underlines the friendly character of the capsule. Upon retraction, the tapered and elongated capsule tip can be easily inserted into the sulcus without injury. The conical geometry allows for easy mechanical displacement of the tissue. In addition, the attached orientation ring simplifies precise intra-oral handling.

Statement by the jury »In designing this retraction capsule, the smallest details of use were considered for every single future working step.«

3M ESPE // Scotchbond™, 2012

The dispensing system of the Scotchbond Universal Adhesive simplifies workflow in modern dentistry and leads to optimised results. The reduced form of the vial body with high-contrast colour variations culminates in the sweeping curves of the deep blue, extra-large locking lever. This enables intuitive, one-handed use of the product. Moreover, the swing lid features a bistable film hinge that locks into a stretched dispensing position when the lid is opened. This ensures an unhindered view of the vial tip for precise dosage during application. An audible clicking sound indicates the closing of the vial, thus protecting the adhesive.

Statement by the jury »The ergonomically shaped dropper vial has been optimised for one-handed use. It enables the user to precisely determine the dispensed amount of the valuable liquid. «
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