Medentic // iTray, 2013

The iTray digital scanner operates on an entirely new kind of technology that gives the scanner an advantage when it comes to oral impression: the relative positions of the upper and lower jaw are automatically recorded. We used ergonomics and grip qualities to inform the design for this innovative impression tray, conveying its operating principles through a clear, streamlined style and using high-quality materials to craft a perfect and organic whole. An OLED display shows the progress of the scan.

Medentic // Android, 2013

The Android articulator developed by Medentic is a high-precision apparatus that mimics the human jaw in both structure and function to facilitate the fabrication of dentures in the lab. It is fully adjustable to accommodate all settings, such as Bennett angle, condylar inclination angle or hinge axis. With this data, the movement of the jaw can subsequently be simulated. The design's style and light-weight and top quality choice of materials supports the articulator's ergonomic geometry.
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