Pari // eFlow CS inhalation system, 2014

The eFlow® CS inhalation device impresses with its short treatment times, noiseless operation and high portability. It combines innovative piezoelectric membrane technology with disposable medicine vials. Several user studies informed the design process, which took into great consideration the ergonomic needs of the target group (elderly patients, partly with handicaps). The design supports intuitive handling and helps to avoid misuse.

Pari // eFlow Rapid / Altera, 2011

The eFlow Rapid and Altera inhalation systems are innovative devices for treating respiratory illnesses. They were developed to meet the patient's need for efficient, safe and above all rapid nebulizer treatment. The separate, detachable mouth piece ensures perfect nebulizer hygiene.

Pari // eFlow, 2004

The eFlow inhalation system is an innovative device for treating respiratory illnesses. Short treatment times, an unintimidating appearance, easy handling and noiseless operation plus a battery-power option contribute considerably to user acceptance. 2006: Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum 2006. Medical Design Excellence Award

Pari // PARI BOY, 2001

PARI BOY is an inhalation device for treating respiratory illnesses. The friendly design, shaped like a drop, is intended to reduce any reservations patients might have about therapy treatment. The nebulizer is easy to use and makes inhalation treatment simple enough for children, and the "Drobby" character also adds an element of fun.
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