C3 thermo coagulator, 2017

Unlike cryotherapy, which uses cold temperatures to ablate tissue, thermo coagulation uses heat to destroy tissue. The technology has a clinical appeal because it is user-friendly, inexpensive, and durable. The system runs entirely on electrical power and requires no gas to operate. The treatment is fast, easy to learn and the equipment has a low dependency on a service infrastructure.The treatment requires generally no local anaesthesia and is administered within a very short treatment cycle (< 2 Minutes). The device is fairly simple to use and does not require long enduring and costly training for an operator to understand how it is done properly. Other features are the LED illumination for a better visibility and the heat protection for a safe and painless entry.

The ergonomics of the handgrip and the resettable heat protection were optimized by the Eckstein Design team in several studies. Even after hours the coagulator rests comfortably in the hand and achieves a good and precise result. An intelligently placed user interface allows to keep an eye on all important functions.
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