BrainLab // BUZZ, 2013

Buzz Digital OR is a central information terminal for the operating room. Incorporating 42" multi-touch screens, the computer and IP-based system offers intuitive interaction for effective data management in the OR. Buzz provides a high degree of flexibility for medical staff and simplifies the information flow in an increasingly complex OR environment. Minimal installation depth and a streamlined yet generous look make the best use of the OR's limited space.

BrainLab // VectorVision², 2003

VectorVision² is a multi-function control system for use in neurosurgery and orthopedic treatments. During conception and design, we placed special emphasis on creating a user-based design where settings can be configured to a particular workspace at any moment.

BrainLab // Novalis, 1997

Radio surgery system for non-invasive, precision treatment of tumors or vascular malformations using high-energy radiation.

BrainLab // iMotion, 2000

Mobile MRI unit.
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