User Interface & Corporate Design for SafetyMan DT2

The stopping time is a key factor for machines with dangerous motions when selecting and positioning the protective device. The stopping time essentially determines the safety distance. This guarantees that the operator cannot reach the nearest danger point before the standstill. Depending on the type of the machine, the stopping-time parameters are subject to change in the course of time. Therefore it is sensible to make periodical checks. The measuring configuration Safetyman DT2 is used to determine the stopping times of machines of the most various types.The system consists fundamentally of the measuring device, the sensor, the actuator and the printer. Eckstein Design reworked the comprehensive Interface design of the SafetyMan DT2-firmware. Further tasks were conception of the PC-software “SafetyMoc” which reads out, analyses and processes device data. Above all else stood the development of a unique hhb corporate design. Specific logo brands confer recognition value.
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