Syr // Heating system filter HF3415

Today’s heating plants are complex and precisely adapted systems, which respond sensitively to pollution. As a result, it is important to have a protection against metal particles and other impurities. The heating filter HEIFIKO HF 3415 by SYR is able to prevent such scenarios by means of pearl-technology and magnetic field. Additionally, it ensures for an energy-efficient operation and a prolonged durability of the system. Not only the technology – its design shows the way forward, too. The assumption was to manifest quality, performance and maintainability in the design language. By a red c-shape band, all important functional components like back flush handle and ventilation are integrated. The design demonstrates quality, durability and creates confidence. The heating filter HF3415 was honored by the IF Award.



Syr // IT 4000, 2011

The IT 4000 water softener by SYR provides soft household water through the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. The installation's compact and minimal shape allows it to be seamlessly integrated into any household environment. The sleek facade made of light materials conveys transparency and symbolizes the value of pure water. The aluminum profile provides visual accents for the installation and gives it a fitted and stable look.

REDDOT 2012- + IT 4000 Plus X Award 2013



Syr // Drufi DFR, FF, DFF, FR, 2011

The DRUFI DFR back-flush filter is installed in the water supply unit. Its distinctive design unites the manufacturer's high technical requirements with a coherent appearance to provide a harmonized whole. Behind this compactly built component and its visually-appealing transparent back-flush filter hides innovative technology. This striking appearance underscores the filter's professional level of functionality.

2011, Design Plus-Award 2011, Nominee Designpreis Deutschland
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