Gossen Metrawatt // Metrahit IM extra 2018

A digital multimeter is a technical hand-held meter for the inspection of current-carrying devices in the predominantly professional field. The robust construction allows the use in an industrial context, communication technology, in laboratories or outdoors and it is optimally equipped for these specific tasks.

A special novelty in this device category is the exchangeable battery pack which improves the readiness for use, especially when having more charged batteries ready. A definite snap informs the user about a safe connection.

Overall, the device gives a robust and solid impression having masculine as well as a technoid aspect. The protective cover as characterizing design element holds a well thought through segmentation and faceting making the product’s appearance strong and catchy despite its volume. Deepened sections at the sides indicate buttons placed on the inner housing. By pushing these, the exchangeable battery pack can be removed. Defined, overhanging supporting areas protect the rotary switch and display against shocks and overhang positions.

The input key area as newly designed to give the device more calm and clarity. The buttons were integrated in a flatter and tidier layout. Printing above of the programmable soft keys refer to the display and further setting options.



Gossen Metrawatt // SECUTEST, 2014

SECUTEST is used for certifying the electrical safety of electrical equipment and appliances. The device is completely encased in rubber and emphasizes the distinctive style of Gossen Metrawatt's CPD. Testing can be intuitively implemented thanks to features like the two-way switch for quick access to the necessary display menus. The SECUTEST design and ergonomics express the high-quality, value and usability of a brand-name product.

IF product design award 2014

Gossen Metrawatt // Image film by AVISTA FILMS "We are there", 2012

This corporate image movie about the company Gossen Metrawatt International illustrates the three main fields of activity power engineering, position sensor technology and process measuring technology in an emotional way. Special attention is paid to forward-looking technologies whose significance is emphasized through impressive locations. As story which forms the framework and under the direction of Stefan Eckstein, Eckstein Design represents the point of origin where new ideas and visions are born. Eckstein Design has been supporting the company successfully for several years already with its design expertise.

(C) AVISTA FILMS - Filmproduktionen für die Unternehmenskommunikation



Gossen Metrawatt // PROFITEST MASTER, 2009

PROFITEST MASTER is a precision testing device for electrical installations. For the Profitest line, which will soon encompass 4 versions, we have developed a distinctive, unmistakable corporate design that expresses a complete ergonomic concept and simultaneously shows the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The high-grade rubber coating effectively protects against daily wear and tear, improves grip and gives the device a solid feel. IF product design award 2009



Gossen Metrawatt // METRISO, 2012

METRISO G1000 is a high-precision instrument to test protective measures in electrical installations. The design combines a complete, ergonomic approach with a clear expression of the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The flexible display provides a direct view of the display panel no matter how the device is positioned: whether hanging or on the table. The side dial and push buttons make it comfortable to operate.

Gossen Metrawatt // MULTIMETER, 2003

METRAHIT multimeter is a compact hand-held device for gauging tension and current. The rubber outer shell makes the device durable and shockproof. The large middle dial and patented, automatic socket blockers guarantee the highest comfort and ease of use.

Gossen Metrawatt // SECUSTAR FM, 2005

SECUSTAR FM is a facility management system with integrated data entry. Equipped with a touch screen, the device is especially simple and intuitive to use. By using the newest technological developments, we increased the tactile quality and look of the surface using die-cast casing. IF product design award 2005
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