Powercure adhesive system

THE ULTIMATE IN PRECISION IN YOUR HANDS The PowerCure adhesive system delivers the precision and performance of the high-end pump systems found on vehicle manufacturers’ production lines. It combines high flexibility, ergonomic and easy handling, and minimal waste in a clear and focused design. The use of a single, brushless motor mechanically couples extrusion, dosing and dynamic mixing, and allows users to control extrusion speed on the go and without compromise. Providing the fastest curing adhesives at an unmatched level of comfort for the user, PowerCure is the total solution for smaller sealing and bonding applications. SIKA’S POWERCURE ADHESIVE SYSTEM HAS RECEIVED AN IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 Sika’s PowerCure System design combines the benefits of both one- and two-component adhesive systems in a new and comfortable way. For the industrial design Sika has worked with Eckstein Design. Our efforts to create an outstanding solution for accelerated sealing and bonding has been recognized by the international jury of the IF DESIGN AWARD. POWERCURE – TOTAL SOLUTION FOR ACCELERATED BONDING PowerCure is the ultimate solution for accelerated sealing and bonding. PowerCure is full of new technology, protected by more than 13 patents. A range of products make the system the ideal solution when it’s about fast curing adhesive and sealants. IF DEWIGN AWARD For over 60 years, the IF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. The IF logo is an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design. The IF DESIGN AWARD is one of the worldwide leading design awards. Sika’s PowerCure Adhesive System has received an IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 and Sika is amongst the winner of the renowned IF label. The number of competitors was huge: the international high-profile jury assessed more than 5.000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive this converted seal of excellence. ECKSTEIN DESIGN Eckstein Design is functional and esthetic industrial design of the highest quality. We dedicate ourselves fully to every project, contributing a wide range of expertise and experience, and above all a passion for interesting challenges. Our clients are international leaders in manufacturing from a range of sectors. Together we continue to bring new, successful products to the market – even over decades of cooperation.
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