Rofin // PERFORMANCE, 2011

A highly innovative manual welding laser with a distinctive ergonomic design: a spacious, easy-to-access work chamber with a hinged cover that can be opened with one hand, leaving the other hand free to steady the workpiece. The high-contrast color touch screen offers easy access to the machine's functions, while the convenient memory and useful default settings allow for intuitive operation.

Rofin // Starweld Select, 2005

Starweld Select is a sturdy and versatile welding laser that unites an ergonomic manual welder, a joy-stick navigated surface welder and a precision CNC system in one. The specially-developed patented doors can be pushed flush inside the machine, leaving the work chamber free.

Rofin // CUBE, 2009

The Cube is a compact, universal laser that offers various cutting, welding, structuring and labeling solutions for manual or partially-automated manufacturing. The outer shell can be opened wide to facilitate adjustments and settings. The clearly structured all-in-one case makes it completely comfortable to use, even when there's little floor space.
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