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Gossen Metrawatt // SECUTEST, 2014

SECUTEST is used for certifying the electrical safety of electrical equipment and appliances. The device is completely encased in rubber and emphasizes the distinctive style of Gossen Metrawatt's CPD. Testing can be intuitively implemented thanks to features like the two-way switch for quick access to the necessary display menus. The SECUTEST design and ergonomics express the high-quality, value and usability of a brand-name product. IF product design award 2014

Gossen Metrawatt //



Gossen Metrawatt // PROFITEST MASTER, 2009

PROFITEST MASTER is a precision testing device for electrical installations. For the Profitest line, which will soon encompass 4 versions, we have developed a distinctive, unmistakable corporate design that expresses a complete ergonomic concept and simultaneously shows the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The high-grade rubber coating effectively protects against daily wear and tear, improves grip and gives the device a solid feel. IF product design award 2009



Gossen Metrawatt // METRISO, 2012

METRISO G1000 is a high-precision instrument to test protective measures in electrical installations. The design combines a complete, ergonomic approach with a clear expression of the manufacturer's high standard of quality. The flexible display provides a direct view of the display panel no matter how the device is positioned: whether hanging or on the table. The side dial and push buttons make it comfortable to operate.

Gossen Metrawatt // MULTIMETER, 2003

METRAHIT multimeter is a compact hand-held device for gauging tension and current. The rubber outer shell makes the device durable and shockproof. The large middle dial and patented, automatic socket blockers guarantee the highest comfort and ease of use.
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