Robotise // Jeeves, 2018

Soon humans will be in daily contact with robots. Design plays a vital role in ensuring that robots are accepted by people and perceived as pleasant. But handling robots is not only supposed to be fun, but it must also bring an economic advantage. Jeeves is a service robot specially designed for the needs of hotel guests. A product experience made of polycarbonate - for the outer shell - particularly light and robust. The state-of-the-art 21" touch screen offers intuitive operation in different languages. The service robot with a total height of 1.2m and 100 liters of storage space impresses with its unique personality and provides hotel guests with snacks and drinks whenever desired. This new minibar service approach leads to a significant increase in efficiency. Jeeves is designed to improve services, relieve staff and open up new opportunities for customers. The service robot was developed in close cooperation between Robotise and Eckstein Design over a period of three years. Designing interaction - unique, differentiating and always keeping an eye on the user.
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