GeoCare // GEOCARE - Mobile rescue and locating system, 2017

GEOCARE® is a mobile emergency call system with positioning function that can be used both as a stationary home emergency call as well as on activities outside as a mobile emergency call system. The combination of GEOCARE®, charging cradle and radio transmitter result in an optimal safety solution for everybody. Typical peer groups are elderly, children and people with diseases who want to live a independent live or people with sporty ambitions - for example hiking. By cutting edge GPS technology the exact position of GEOCARE® can be found almost everywhere. In an emergency, the data is sent via the GSM network through individual private contacts or to a professional emergency call center . Functions, such as automatic call acceptance and speakerphone enable a high-quality voice communication in emergencies and avoids false alarms in minor accidents . Even without technical knowledge everyone can understand GEOCARE® easily and use the device correctly: No unlocking , no opening of apps and no searching for telephone numbers: GEOCARE® is reduced to the essential functions, it is much smaller, lighter and more robust than any smartphone.

The proportions confer the design a modern and elegant charisma. All controls and indicating elements are clearly but descreet arranged. Only the SOS-Button – the most important feature – is prominently placed.
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