A breath of fresh air, every day.

Designing is professional teamwork - similar to classic Regatta sailing. Different personalities, individual ways of thinking and a common determination: to achieve optimum-quality design for you and your product.
We discuss our ideas, reject and refine, push ourselves to find solutions -- always in an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. This is how each day, we embark on a new journey: we think forward into the future to conceptualize products that often are not slated for tomorrow's market, but for a market years down the line. When required, we strengthen our team through a well-established network of experienced specialists.

Stefan Eckstein

graduate designer / CEO / owner

Tel: +49 89 383807-10


Frank Ehnes

graduate industrial designer

Tel: +49 89 383807-40


Melanie Peschke

graduate industrial designer

Tel: +49 89 383807-50


Remus Feldman

industrial designer M.A.

Tel: +49 89 383807-60


Kristina Hinz

industrial designer M.A.

Tel: +49 89 383807-70


Gisela Eckstein

Account manager

Tel: +49 89 383807-30


Susanne Rudolf

graduate industrial designer

Tel: +49 89 383807-70


Fabian Essigkrug

Working Student

Tel: +49 89 383807-10


Caroline Nölle


Our design studio offers you a wide range of services thanks to this experienced team: you receive all the building blocks from the hands of professionals, there to support the successful development and commercialization of your product. The results, be the product design, interface design, communications design, corporate branding or design consulting, are unique every time and stand out through their excellent design, refined functionality and usability.
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